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This Is our radio station this is were were make radio shows its great fun.

this is our TV studio we also make tv shows this is sooo much fun

Our school is holding a Film Festival which is were lots of people come to see the movies that P7 have produced. This was the Big Idea were 3 people out of each class got picked to go to it. They also got to meet Myleene Class who was hosting it.

we have a Primary 7 bussness challenge this is were we have to run a buisness properly one year we did funky fillers
We have called our bussines Little People Productions
DSC01983.jpg This a picture of some of the p.7's along with Milyne Class at the Big Idea film festival, and the p.7's are Rysse Laverty, Oran Barton,Clarrisa Patton,Erin Simpson, Clare Carson and Katie Kleeland they did very well, they actually came first wich is an amazing result.
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This is film reel, and the reason why i put this reel up is because we are working on a film project and we are also trying to run our own film buisiness, we even have our own roups on managing the company.
external image Programs_Production_IHS_MFA_film_reels.jpg

This is part of a projecter i put this in because we have started to make films in our P7 class, Niamh Tweedie.

Our Film Festival consists of 7 groups making movies. My group is making a movie called Bank Busters!!

I put this picture of a script in because the movie my group is filming is called The Missing Script, Che McKirganexternal image moz-screenshot-1.jpg

external image dniezby_Film_Strip.png

This is a film script i choose this because we are doing a film compition called the big idea our movie is called Food Terrible Food

Eliza Scott

Six people were picked to go to 'The Big Idea'. This is a competition that gives schools the oppurtunity to carry out their business ideas. People from all over the world voted for their favourite business idea. Our school won the competion. Portstewart Primary School's idea was a Film Festival where we would make our own films and