Cañete photos

This is Portstewart Promanade It is were all the shops are people like to walk along it and look out to see there is also a park were lots of children play.By Clare Carsonexternal image Portstewart%20Promenade%20from%20Coast%20walk_jpg.jpg
Promenade and coast.

This Is The Portstewart Promanad there is a new park there the prom is a good place to go for a walk. There are a good range
of shops on the Promenade including Morellis ice-cream. There is also a new play park which loads of children like to play in. By Christopher Fielding
external image nationaltrust_portstewart1.jpg

This is a picture from the centre of portstewart, this shot is a shot from the top of the hut at the strand. Niamh Tweedie.


This is Portstewarts secondery school it is cal
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led Dominican it used to be run by nuns and be a .

This is Portstewart Strand. Eve NiblockPortstewart_Strand.jpg