In the summer there is a kite flying festival at Portstewart strand. Lots and lots of people to fly their kites. Suzi Hardyway

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On the night before the North West 200 there always is a firework show at Portstewart promenade. Also there is a band that play near the park. Suzi Hardyway.

<This is The Park across from the Promenade.
At night they sometimes let fire-works off here. Children and their parents come here in
the Summer to play and have a whole lot of FUN!!
By: Clarissa Patton.

external image promenade_v01.jpg
This is a picture of the Promenade in Portstewart.
People sometimes walk up and down the shops.
By: Clarissa Patton.

every year there is a motorbike race calledCASZP3Q6.jpg the North West 200 is really fun to watch and the riders can get up to speeds of Ryan Q

This is the park in Portstewart at the promenade, it has been re-disigned in ryan
Portstewart Strand

Promenade and coast.


the hourber down at the bottom of the Q
external image Portstewart_Strand_Sunset_3.jpg
The sunset by Louise Wylie
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This is the Portstewart golf course.

See full size image
See full size image

The Strand.

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Portstewart promenade at night

external image Herring%20Pond%202005.JPG
Portstewart Herring Pond. On St. Patrick's Day { 17th March}, people dress up in costumes and jump in to the Herring Pond.
It's called the Duck Dive.
This is Duminicion high Ryan Q
Portstewart_Strand_Sunset_3.jpgexternal image Portstewart%2520Beach%25202005.JPGAll of these are use full for everyone and very very handy.

This is the Portstewart strand.
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This is the view off Portstewart on a summers night.

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This is Mussenden Temple and people can get married in it. by: Ryan Q
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This is Portstewart golf course by Louise Wylie


This is Portstewart strand and the golf course

This is Portstewart from a birds eye veiw

external image _42347619_north_west_203.jpg

The North West 200 happens on any Saturday in May (Usually in the middle of May) the race goes through the towns, Coleraine, Portrush and Portstewart. It begins at the Pits and finishes at the Pits, there is


This is the Portstewart War Memorial.
Every Remembrance day people from different companies, voluntary organisations, emergency services and military units set a wreath on it.
John Hope


Here is the Portstewart strand from the crescent.

John Hope.You can look at the park and watch your children play on the swings,it's nice to sit on the steps and eating an ice Ryan Q


This is the Mussenden Temple looking at it's entrance.
John Hope.
It look's onto the beaches of Downhill and Q

external image ireland-1173966514-portstewart%2520strand%2520posts.jpg
Portstewart strand by Louise Wylie

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This is Portstewart harbour by Louise Wylie