external image DigitalTowerOfLondon.jpg This is the Tower of London. We went there on our school trip. There was carvings on the wall were prisoners had wrote their on the wall. By Clare Carson

7.JPG This is a picture of our trip to the council where we learned more about what goes on in the council offices and a bit of history.
external image london460.jpg

external image 31_01_2---Tower-Bridge--London--England_web.jpg

This is a picture of the London Bridge, in which we visited when we went to London on our school trip. Niamh Tweedie.


This ia a picture of the our class comming out of the causeway school. Where we went for one of are P7 school trips. It was a very fun day and only two people got cained. By Clare Carson

external image Portstewart%20Convent_jpg.jpg

This is a picture of the convent it is no longer used by nuns but once a year fireworks are shot from it.

Eliza Scott