World book day was really good, the P7 pupils got to read to the younger children we got to wear our slippers and dressing gowns. The P7's also did a book swap were they swapped a book with someone else in the class. Suzi Hardyway



this is one of our runners called niamh who came 2nd out of 131 school pupils.

by Eliza Scott.

World Book Day 09
MVC-092S.JPGThis is a picture of Megan Barr reading to a
younger child from P1 or Nursery. I enjoyed World Book Day because we got to read
to the younger children, we got to dress up in pj's and night gowns and we got to
bring in a book to read to them and the books we brought in were ones that we liked
when we were younger! By: Clarissa Patton.

MVC-098S.JPGThis was an exciting day we had which was called World Book day. When the P7's had to read the P1's a book and nursery a book. The other P7's had to read the P2's and P3's their book. Also in P7 everyone had to bring their favourite book into school and swap it with someone in their class. By Christopher Fielding
World book day was really fun. I got to read to my sister who is in nursery. We got to bring in our slippers . Some people even came in pjs.By Clare Carson
This is portstewart primary schools Football team, this is them at the docerty cup final and they played a good game but unfortunatly they lost.

external image World-Book-Day-Boy.jpg

This is a picture for World Book Day, it is a wee boy reading a book while wearing a world Book Day top, Niamh Tweedie.